Downtown Neon Galler

About Us

The Downtown Neon Gallery began it's life in the Crossroads. We created a world of living art, in-flexed and energized with electricity and gas illuminating, Downtown Kansas City. We take pride in contributing to the Artistic expressionism in the community.

We do this by offering Artistic venues in the Art Gallery for, Art enthusiasts and interested people, to attend and participate in.

Creativity is within all of us and it is our desire to uplift the community by supporting this expressionism.

Music, poetry, and dance are regular expressions witnessed in the Gallery. We line the walls with art. We fill the Gallery with the energy of love lighting it up for all of the world to absorb!

Take a look at some of the musically talented expressionists we have had the privilege of listening to in the Gallery!

Brother Iota

River Cow Orchestra

Tonight the River Cow Orchestra is preforming here at Downtown Neon Gallery. We have a wonderful lineup full of colorful poetry and live music...

Check out some of the people that are here!

We can help you create that one of a kind venue experience, by renting the Gallery!  Ask about terms...

Downtown Neon Gallery

1921 East Truman Road
Kansas City, Missouri 64127
(816) 472-1190

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